(An Alpha Ray) 
The following is an account of how I first met Rayal. It is taken from my Journey Notes: 
June 22, 2010 Tuesday (While exercising this morning)
VISION: I saw what appeared at first to be a planet of angels. They were coming and going and the whole sphere was filled with angels. There were so many of them, myriads as the Bible would say. Their light was so white that it had a violet hue to it. There was a violet aura around what I called a planet but later learned was a sphere. (Note August 6, 2010. Friday-I’m still typing up the notes that I had skipped. The following is a message that I received during meditation this morning and it fits right in with what I’m typing just now. Ψ Meditation Message: “The best way to purify the aura is to purify the mind. Mind and aura are one.” (Do you think that somebody knew in advance that I was going to be typing this today? Do you think?) The angels appeared to have wings but not the feathery kind. In fact, I realized that they weren’t really wings, but appeared to be rays of light coming from them. They looked like nothing I’ve ever seen before. They had human forms, but no features, no definitions. They all looked the same. They truly were light beings, blending and separating, rising and descending. The rays looked more like extensions of themselves. Then at times the whiteness of the light seemed to overtake the violet and at times a golden light would come and go. It was awe inspiring and amazing. (Note: August 6, 2010. Friday-When I say that I have never seen anything quite like it before, I am correct. But I have seen rays of light, angels in different forms, The Golden Ones who watch over me from another planet and the S shaped angels I encountered during meditation.) 
I finished exercising, took a shower and sat down to write what I saw and ended up with the following questions and answers. I didn’t get around to describing what I saw until this afternoon. It is 3:24 PM and I began writing this description at 3 PM. Here are the questions and answers from this morning when I wrote them down: 
I asked Rayal, “Where is this planet of angels?” 
He replied, “Beyond the spatial realm.” 
This is when I realized it was a sphere, not a planet.  
“In Heaven,” I asked? 
“Heaven is where you are,” he replied. 
“Can we go there,” I asked, referring to the angelic sphere?  
“All things are connected,” Rayal responded. 
“Can they come here” I inquired? 
“Always,” he answered. 
“Who are you?” 
“The Revelation of Light,” Rayal stated. 
“Do you have a name?” 
“All are one,” he explained! 
“I have a name,” I stated 
“You are Christ.” 
“But I have a name in this world.” 
“I am not of this world.” 
“Where are you from?” 
“All that ever was, is, and will be,” he answered. 
Are you Christ? 
“All are one.” 
“Who sent you?” 
“You did.” 
“How did I send you?” 
“All are one.” 
“I don’t understand.” 
“When one sends, all send. It’s hard for you to understand oneness. In the light there is only one. Outside the light nothing exists.” 
“I don’t know what to do next.” 
“Do nothing. All is done. Stay connected to the light. Nothing can harm you in the light. Outside the light nothing exists. I have come to awaken you and your brothers. I am part of the awakening and the awakening is one.” 
‘Can we speak again?’ 
“Always when the time is right, Rayal replied.”