Hello fellow Americans, 
Today I have a preamble: 
If you went to visit your kin at the Shilloh Battlefield, you found the graves desecrated with the flag of the invaders that killed them. I can't speak to motive but this was a slap in the face. Please keep your eyes open and report what you see.  
Now, let's talk about Authorization to defend the Constitution. Article IV Section 4 (attached) is quite clear. We have Constitutional Authorization now; but we dont have the numbers. Please don't take this as a "Call to Arms". It is a call to prepare.  
On the New Republic front; I need 1 person from each seceding State to help spread the message of our movement. Email me at so we can organize. If you're not scared yet; you're not paying attention. 
In other news, China has warned its citizens to prepare for a nuclear showdown with America. Richmond is still trying to remove Gen. Lee and TN is digging up the graves of Forest's family members. 
Love to all 
The Secessionist 
Deo Vindice