Hello Dixie: 
We've been conditioned to believe the word CONFEDERACY was toxic and evil. So lets define it: 
Confederacy ~ "a joint compact". 
Because the entities normally keep their sovereignty it separates it from a partnership. 
The next question is why it is so terrifying to the political left. My answer has always been that with the Confederacy we do not have one entity in DC ruling the entire nation. Confederacy was our Founders failsafe against monocratic rule. 
The left craves power. The right craves Freedom.  
An example would be if a State turned socialist; people would vote with their feet and move. I wouldn't need to worry about who is in the Whitehouse because Kentucky would remain free.  
We are watching the socialist takeover of our country. They made Confederacy so toxic people are afraid to say the word. Why? Because Confederacy or civil war are our only 2 options. Apathy is no longer an option. Civil War is treason/rebellion. Secession is not. In 1860 we were defending ourselves from attack. Self defence is not rebellion.  
All we asked, was to be let alone.  
The deeper they drag us down the rabbit hole of socialism; the bigger the war to fight our way out of it.  
I'll continue in a few days. I need y'all to really think about this as you watch current events. The news has been proving me right. 
(Ref: Confederacy 101~ Seabrook.) 
Love to all y'all 
The Secessionist 
Deo Vindice